Davide Gerosa

Late 2022 visitors: we’re alive!

My group is hosting quite a few visitors this semester. We’re alive!

  • Francesco Iacovelli is visiting us for 7 (!) months from Geneva with a grant from the Istituto Svizzero. Francesco has done some amazing work on forecasting the capabilities of Einstein Telescope.
  • Chris Moore, a longstanding collaborator from the University of Birmingham will be here at the end of October
  • Clement Bonnerot (now in Copenhagen but about to move to the UK for a faculty job, congrats!) will join us in late November.
  • Swetha Baghwat will be visiting Milan from Birmingham in November as well.
  • And Lieke van Son, Phd student at Harvard and population-synthesis mastermind, will be here in early December.
Left to right: Giulia, Viola, Michele, Lieke, Costantino, Francesco, Alice, and me

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