Davide Gerosa


These are some of the events I organized, or helped organize….

Mini-workshop with Andrea Maselli’s group from GSSI L’Aquila supporting our joint PRIN grant.

One-day class for Master’s and PhD students on artificial intelligence, machine learning etc. Was a great mixture of things, with lecturers and hands-on projects in astrophysics, oceanography, and cybersecurity.

This was an amazing conference we organized in Milan in summer of 2023. An entire conference (almost) without talks. Just discussions. And an amazing trip+dinner on the lake. We should do it again!

One-day workshop held on April 13, 2022 in Baltimore to foster collaboration between the gravity groups of Johns Hopkins, Penn State and Milano-Bicocca.

Organized at the Birmingham GW Institute and led by Chris Moore, this journal club/mini class/group study introduces the basic physics of Pulsar Timing Array and some of the latest developments.

This was a journal club / study group held at the University of Birmingham from October 2020 to March 2021. We studied the formation of LIGO-like binaries promoted by gas accretion in AGNs.

Series of joint group meetings between my group in Birmingham and Emanuele Berti’s group at Johns Hopkins University (January 2021). An attempt to feel less lonely during the COVID pandemic.

PhD school on gravitational waves I organized in Birmingham in November 2019, supporting the GrEAT network.

International conference on numerical approaches in modified theories of gravity, held in the beautiful town of Benasque (Spain) in June 2018.

I co-organized the 34th edition of Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting at Caltech, Pasadena, CA, in March 2018.

International workshop on inspiral/migration in accretion disks, Cambridge UK, May 2017. It turns out planets and supermassive black holes have a lot in common!