Davide Gerosa

“The foundation of General Relativity appeared to me then, and it still does, the greatest feat of human thinking about nature, the most amazing combination of philosophical penetration, physical intuition, and mathematical skill. It appealed to me like a great work of art.”

Max Born (1962)       

Hi there. I am an assistant professor at the Institute for Gravitational Wave Astronomy, Birmingham, UK.  I am a relativistic astrophysicist, studying the impact of Einstein’s general relativity on the astrophysical world. My research interests span from binary black-holes as gravitational-wave sources, to gas accretion onto black holes, black-hole recoils and alternative theories of gravity.

Here above you can browse some newsmy CV, my publication list, and access some research material. Here is my group, and some opportunities if you want to join us.  My public codes are available on github. You can contact me at [email protected].

Besides gravity and all the rest, I love mountains (basically everything up there: hiking, climbing, skiing, ski touring…), playing football (I mean good Italian “soccer” of course!) and rock music (Bruce is the Boss!). See you!