Davide Gerosa

The group gets larger

So many new people are joining us this Fall!

  • Michele Mancarella is joining us as a postdoc supported by my ERC grant. He’s moving from Geneva (Switzerland) brings with him some new activities on gravitational-wave cosmology, because astronomy was not enough after all 🙂
  • Costantino Pacilio is also coming in as a postdoc on my ERC grant. Costantino is a GR tester and is providing the group with some new connections to fundamental physics.
  • Giulia Fumagalli is about to start her PhD with us, also supported by the ERC. She’s already done some amazing work with Alberto Sesana and Golam Shaifullah on pulsar timing array. Now ready for new GW adventures!
  • And spoiler alert! There’s another PhD student joining in a few months… More soon!

Welcome everybody, it’s an honor you decided to do science with us! You can read their profiles here. And if you’re also interested in my group, we have multiple openings right now. Consider applying!

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