Davide Gerosa


Here is me and the great people in my group. Come visit us in Birmingham! It rains but we love to have visitors around.

Davide Gerosa
Davide Gerosa

Running around, gravity, football, rock music, some more gravity. Astrophysics when I want to remember things are real, mountains when I want to see things are beautiful.

Nicola Giacobbo
Nicola Giacobbo

Stellar blower, common-envelope master, metallicity architect, astro walker, bike rider. He thinks directly in Fortran; it’s just easier.

Matt Mould
Matt Mould

PhD student.
Post-Newtonian wizard, python sorcerer, gig goer. When not thinking about astrophysics, can be found noodling on a guitar, on a long run, or with the head buried in a book. Or wishing there was a guitar around.

Daria Gangardt
Daria Gangardt

PhD student.
Rider of (gravitational) waves, fencing fanatic, binge-watcher extraordinaire. Fan of trying new things and exploring new places.

Maciej Dabrowny
Maciej Dabrowny

MSc student.
Year 4 project on population-synthesis simulations. Quickly getting into Nicola’s Fortran mysteries

Former group members

● Beatrice Basset. MSc student.
Birmingham, 2020, final year research project.
Visiting from University of Lyon.

● Julian Chan. MSc student.
Birmingham, 2019-2020, Year 4 project.

● Abdullah Aziz. MSc student.
Birmingham, 2019-2020, Year 4 project.

● Luca Reali. MSc student.
Birmingham, 2019, Bachelor’s thesis.
Visiting from University of Milan on HPC Europa3 grant.
Then PhD at Johns Hopkins University.
Resulting publication: CQG 37 (2020) 22, 225005; arXiv:2005.01747.

● Daria Gangardt. BSc student.
Birmingham, 2019, summer project.
Then PhD student in my group.

● Riccardo Barbieri. BSc/MSc student,
Cambridge, 2017, summer project.
Caltech, 2018, Master’s thesis.
Visiting from University of Pavia.
Then PhD at Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute), Potsdam.
Resulting publication: MNRAS 496 (2020) 3060-3075; arXiv:2004.02894.

● Alicia Lima. BSc student.
Caltech, 2018; LIGO SURF fellow.
Visting from Bowdoin College.
Then MSc at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.
Resulting publication: CQG 36 (2019) 10, 105003; arXiv:1811.05979

● Katie Chamberlain. BSc student.
Caltech, 2017, LIGO SURF fellow.
Visiting from Montana State University.
Then PhD at University of Arizona.
Resulting publication: PRD 99 (2019) 024025; arXiv:1809.04799

● Jakub Vosmera. BSc student.
Cambridge, 2016, summer project.
Then PhD at Central European Institute for Cosmology and Fundamental Physics, Prague.
Resulting publication: CQG 34 (2017) 6, 064004; arXiv:1612.05263.

Some group pictures

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