Davide Gerosa


Here is me and the great people in my group. Come visit us in Birmingham! It rains but we love to have visitors around.

●  Davide Gerosa, PI.
Running around, gravity, football, rock music, some more gravity, astrophysics when I want to remember things are real, mountains when I want to see things are beautiful.

●  Matt Mould. PhD student, 2019-2022.
Post-Newtonian wizard, python sorcerer, gig goer. When not thinking about astrophysics, can be found noodling on a guitar, on a long run, or with the head buried in a book. Or wishing there was a guitar around.

●  Beatrice Basset. MSc student, 2019. Visiting from University of Lyon.

Former group members

●  Julian Chan. MSc student, 2019. Year 4 project.
● Abdullah Aziz. MSc student, 2019. Year 4 project.
●  Luca Reali. MSc student, Birmingham, 2019. Visiting from University of Milan on HPC Europa3 grant.
●  Riccardo Barbieri. MSc student, Caltech, 2018. BSc student, Cambridge, 2017. Visiting from University of Pavia, now PhD at Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute), Potsdam.
●  Daria Gangardt. BSc student, Birmingham, 2019. Summer project.
●  Alicia Lima. BSc student, Caltech, 2018. LIGO SURF fellow from Bowdoin College, now at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. Co-authored publication: CQG 36 (2019) 10, 105003; arXiv:1811.05979
●  Katie Chamberlain. BSc student, Caltech, 2017. LIGO SURF fellow from Montana State University, now PhD at University of Arizona. Co-authored publication: PRD 99 (2019) 024025; arXiv:1809.04799
●  Jakub Vosmera. BSc student, Cambridge, 2016. Now PhD at Central European Institute for Cosmology and Fundamental Physics, Prague. Co-authored publication: CQG 34 (2017) 6, 064004; arXiv:1612.05263.

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