Davide Gerosa

Spin-eccentricity interplay in merging binary black holes

I’m obsessed with spinning black-hole binaries but, guys, spinning and eccentric black holes are even better! This is the first first-author paper by Giulia, who is not only a rising GW astronomer but also a semi-professional baker… So take two spoons of black holes, one spoon of spin dynamics, some eccentricity (but less than 0.6 ounces), and a pinch of maths. Put this in a bowl, mix it thoroughly with numerical integrations …and the result is very tasty! Spins and eccentricity shape the dynamics of black-hole binaries together, which means one can hope to measure eccentricity indirectly from the spins, but also that if you forget about eccentricity then your spin inference will be crap. Buon appetito.

Giulia Fumagalli, Davide Gerosa.
Physical Review D 108 (2023) 124055.
arXiv:2310.16893 [gr-qc].

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