Davide Gerosa

skywalker: things I like in python

skywalker is a Python module which contains some of the things I like in python. I was tired of copying the same snippets over and over, so I put them in a module to be imported from everywhere. skywalker is compatible with both python 2 and 3, and deals with all sort of things like plotting, timing, checkpointing, etc. etc.


pip install skywalker

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These are some of the things you can do with skywalker (beside using a lightsaber, of course). A list of all functions and tools is available in the documentation.

  • checkpoint: Smart checkpointing of function outputs to h5 files.
  • dontprint: Deep output suppression.
  • plot: Handle matplotlib options, including saving to file.
  • processify: Spawn a new process everytime that function is executed.
  • singleton: Define that class as a singleton (one instance at any time can exist)
  • timer: Print execution time of a function/class.

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