Davide Gerosa

Linking Advances in our Understanding of Theoretical Astrophysics and Relativity to Observations (LAUTARO)

LAUTARO is a joint scientific meeting between researchers in astrophysics and gravitational physics from Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB) and Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI).

When and where

April 17-19, 2024.

University of Milano-Bicocca
Aula Marchetti, U1 Building
Piazza della Scienza, 1, 20126 Milano, Italy

Organizing Committee

Costantino Pacilio (chair), Sara Gliorio, Andrea Maselli, Davide Gerosa.

Participant list

Ssorhab Bohranian (UNIMIB)
Matteo Boschini (UNIMIB)
Riccardo Buscicchio (UNIMIB)
Philippa Cole (UNIMIB)
Andrea Cozzumbo (GSSI)
Vola De Renzis (UNIMIB)
Ulyana Dupletsa (GSSI)
Cecilia Maria Fabbri (UNIMIB)
Giulia Fumagalli (UNIMIB)
Davide Gerosa (UNIMIB)
Giovanni Giarda (UNIMIB)

Sara Gliorio (GSSI)
Nicole Grillo (UNIMIB)
Nicholas Loutrel (UNIMIB)
Michele Mancarella (Marseille)
Andrea Maselli (GSSI)
Costantino Pacilio (UNIMIB)
Lavinia Paiella (GSSI)
Laura Pezzella (GSSI)
Arianna Renzini (UNIMIB)
Alice Spadaro (UNIMIB)
Federica Tettoni (UNIMIB)
Jacopo Tissino (GSSI)


Session 1 (Wednesday, April 17th, 14:30-18:00) Chairs: Andrea Maselli, Nicholas Loutrel

  • Davide Gerosa + Andrea Maselli, Welcome and introduction
  • Viola De Renzis, A Fisher matrix code for population analysis of gravitational-wave events
  • Ulyana Dupletsa, Enhancing Fisher Matrix Results with Physically Motivated Priors 
  • Ssohrab Bohranian, Systematic investigation of Fisher predictions for next-generation gravitational-wave networks
  • Coffee Break (15:30:16:00)
  • Davide Gerosa, Gravitational-wave selection effects, the easy way
  • Michele Mancarella, Unbiased standard siren cosmology with joint GW and GRB observations
  • Discussion (16:30-18:00)

Session 2 (Thursday, April 18th, 09:30-12:30) Chairs: Jacopo Tissino, Arianna Renzini

  • Lavinia Paiella, Assembly of IMBHs in stellar clusters
  • Riccardo Buscicchio, Statistical challenges in LISA data analysis
  • Philippa Cole, Parameter estimation for long-duration LISA sources
  • Matteo Boschini, Eccentricity: a recipe from catastrophes
  • Coffee Break (10:30-11:00)
  • Discussion (11:00-12:30)

Session 3 (Thursday, April 18th, 14:30-18:00) Chairs: Philippa Cole, Ulyana Dupletsa

  • Giulia Fumagalli, Spin dynamics and back propagations in eccentric black hole binaries
  • Sara Gliorio, Asymmetric binaries as probes of fundamental fields
  • Costantino Pacilio, Testing GR with black hole ringdown: parameter estimation, interpretation, and prospects for next-generation detectors
  • Andrea Maselli, Love, the easy road
  • Coffee Break (15:30-16:00)
  • Laura Pezzella, Quasi Normal Modes of black holes surrounded by dark matter halos
  • Nicholas Loutrel, Post-Newtonian Spin Precession in the Extreme Mass Ratio Limit
  • Discussion (16:30-18:00)
  • Aperitivo at the “collinetta” with our students
  • Conference dinner (8pm). Restaurant: “Carmelina”, Via Revel 5 (closest subway station: Zara).

Session 4 (Friday, April 19th, 09:30-12:30) Chairs: Riccardo Buscicchio, Ssorhab Bohranian

  • Andrea Cozzumbo, Cosmology with joint GW-GRB observations
  • Arianna Renzini, Understanding the impact of compact binary population uncertainties for the detection of the gravitational-wave background
  • Cecilia Maria Fabbri, From one population to another with Bayesian inference
  • Jacopo Tissino, Multiband analysis of long signals
  • Coffee Break (10:00-10:30)
  • Discussion (10:30-12:00)

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